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Stolen Songbird: Malediction Trilogy Book One (The Malediction Trilogy)

Stolen Songbird  - Danielle L. Jensen Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU book!
You pushed all the right buttons.


Let me make you a list of all the buttons hereby pushed.

A heroine who's not whiny. Or overly concerned with her looks or all the silly fripperies with which most YA heroines are sadly affected.

A swoon-worthy male lead.

Side characters who are actually worth reading about, and who contribute to the plot development. They are not just there to provide a counterpoint to the MCs' awesomeness.

A peculiar alternate world, well described but without as much as a scrap of infodump. The world building is a bit imperfect, but who cares.

A relationship that builds at the right pace, with the parties actually speaking, interacting and getting to know each other before making gooey eyes. They don't even do the gooey-eye thing.

Oh, and have I already said a swoon-worthy male lead?
I have to make a little room for him in my (too crowded) collection of fictional boyfriends.