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Unravel - Calia Read This book can't reach its potential of hypergalactic awesomeness (aka five-star rating) just because of the editing. What a pity.

The bad
Typos? Got them. Grammatical errors? Plenty. And let's not dwell on all the little discrepancies.
Discrepancies annoy me to no end: when a character is sitting but two words later is standing, or when a woman is wearing a skirt but when she undresses she's wearing a full dress (these are just general examples, not actual contents of the book).

The good
I just love it when I read a book and can't quite grasp what is real, what is unreal and what is somewhat in between.
Seeing other people's statuses, I know I was not the only one to have guessed what the deal really was. But the author does a very good job of throwing you off track.