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Indelible (The Yara Silva Trilogy, #2) - Lani Woodland I'm absolutely in love with this series. It's nice to see a levelheaded heroine who has the common sense to think her decisions through and to make hard choices. I think Yara is a good role model for YA readers: no boy-crazed-fashion-victim-gossipy-airheads here.If I had a teenage kid, I would surely buy him/her this book as a birthday present (hint hint).Second books are often tricky: if the romance has already been “solved” in the first one, how do you re-create some tension? If all the mysteries already got unveiled, should you introduce new ones or concentrate on something else? And about the world building, should you insist some more on the same main concepts or come up with something complementary?I think Lani Woodland did a great job in facing these issues and many others I didn't mention.She managed to build tension between Yara and Brent without resorting to the always detestable love triangle (thanks for writing a book that's trigonometrically free!).I was not disappointed in the mystery and world building departments, either. We learn more about the Wakers and the Pendrell curse (something known), and we get acquainted with other side characters and a creepy ghost (something new).About the ghost: it's hard not to give away any spoilers; let me just say this: if I were Yara, I would have called the Ghostbusters right away!There would be much to say about this book but, for the sake of concision, I'm going to pick (the) one thing I didn't like and one (among many) I liked.What I didn't like was the single-mindedness of Vovò; here she downgraded from “elderly mentor” to “overbearing old lady”. For her, Yara's life should be dedicated entirely to the Waker business, and she goes about this opinion of hers with the finesse of a steamroller. Let's take the moment in which she suggested that Yara could postpone, or downright renounce, college:“Your parents and I agree it might be in your best interest to defer school for a year and train. “you can do what you want, but I would be seriously unhappy if you choose what I don't want you to choose.”I'm not entirely satisfied with Yara's decision about this matter , but it's consistent with the character, so I can't complain.What I liked was the way in which the author dealt with the difficult topic of chronic illness. Maybe because it strikes too close to home for comfort, I always have a difficult time reading about situations in which someone is exposed to the fear of an announced early death. But in this case there's love, courage, determination and, most important of all, hope.I'm definitely waiting for [b:Inevitable, the third (and final?) book in this series.