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Afterlight (Dark Ink Chronicles #1) - Elle Jasper If you enjoyed Twilight, this book is for you. Because it's almost an exact copy. I hated every page of Twilight, so I hated this book too. The plot is almost non-existent, the characters have no merits, no qualities, nothing of interest whatsoever. The entire book revolves around the fact that Eli is a hot guy and Riley really cares about her brother. So what!? When the author momentarily (MOMENTARILY) forgets about Eli's hotness, she delights us with endless descriptions of Riley's outfits. Really, dear Elle... who cares!? At least, Riley is a bit smarter than Twilight's Bella, who (let's say it sincerely) is quite dumb.Well, bottom line: if you have even a single brain cell left, please don't waste time on this.