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Truly, Madly, Deadly - Hannah Jayne "Well, Goodreads, I'm finished", I say, scratching my head.Mr. Goodreads looks at me through his steepled fingers. "Well, how do you rate it?""I don't know. The narration had some mishaps, so I can't say this is what 'perfect awesomeness' should be.""What about 'imperfect awesomeness'?"I frown, taking a moment to think about how many kinds of awesomeness can exist in the universe. Mr. Goodreads unlaces his fingers and starts to tap softly on my ebook reader."What the hell, just give me a number!", he shouts, losing his patience abruptly.I quickly snatch my reader away."Uhm… how about 'awesome imperfection'—", I begin."Just give me a damn number!""Ok, ok… how about four?" I raise my hands placatingly.He stares at me, keeping perfectly still. "Why not five?"Why do he always have to make a fuss like that? Can't he accept whatever number I give him and leave it at that?"There were parts where the story didn't flow smoothly. You know, like when a character is supposedly sitting at home and starts fidgeting with the blinkers on his car, and you wonder where does one have blinkers at home, and then when the hell did he get in the car, and then you remember he doesn't have a car, and then—""Stop! Stop right now." He rolls his eyes and mutters something under his breath. I think it sounds suspiciously like 'pedantic bitch'. But surely I misheard.