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A Study in Silks  - Emma Jane Holloway First off, let me declare that I strongly disapprove of fanfiction.That being said, if we uprooted the fanfiction from this book, I could like it. It would still have its flaws, but it would be likeable.As it is, it's been a dreadful experience.When I picked up this from Netgalley, I was blinded by the cover and the words “steampunk”, “murder”, “sorcery” and “mystery”. So what if the heroine is supposed to be Sherlock Holmes’ niece? It will be just a little mention here and there…That wretched kinship was all over the place. That was disturbing enough, until we came to the absolute horror that was Sherlock's parody.In this book, I've seen Sherlock giving advice for a young lady's Season, Sherlock listening to a girl prattling, Sherlock submitting to blackmail, Sherlock asserting that he believes in magic…Maybe I'm a bit touchy. Sherlock was one of my very first literary crushes.Every Sherlock lover out there will know that he was a genius as well as a drug addict, an utter misogynist, a probable sociopath and an overall bastard. I loved him with all the passion my adolescent self could have.My personal touchiness aside, this rendition of Sherlock was so wrong, I can't find a single positive thing to say about it. To forgive yet another bad reenactment, it would take at least a Robert Downey Jr. (and maybe some scenes starring him half-naked).If you think I'm being disrespectful here, think about how Nikola Tesla would feel being referred to as "some Serb".Here's a bit of me being pedantic about some misspelled italian bits; nothing that will actually spoil you, but maybe you'd like to skip some of my worst rantings:There's an apparent difficulty with the name "Nicola" here.Aside from Tesla being diminished like that, let's spend two words about the "Indomitable and Misspelled Niccolo".In italian, you can have Nicolò or Niccolò, either with one c or two, but both with an accent on the last o; the non-accented version is Nicola (despite ending with an a, it's still a male name).In italian, accents change everything about a word: pero/però (pear/but), casco/cascò (helmet/fell), faro/farò (lighthouse/I'll do). Niccolo doesn't exist as an italian male name, it just sounds silly.Last but not least, let it be known to all who dared to read this bitchy monologue, that I suffered throughout 488 pages (on my ADE reader) of terrible, and overabundant, similes.She […] felt the displacement of air–a light exhalation like the sound of a gloating smile.shadows settled in the corners like sleepy catsthe row of doors stood like oak-paneled sentriesAnything, anything has to be compared with something else, better if this something else is utter nonsense like the sound of a smile.Oh, there's also a love triangle; but in comparison, it didn't bother me so much as it usually does.Cut the fanfiction, cut the similes and you get half the lenght of the original book. And it could be good.