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The Shadow Reader  - Sandy Williams If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, what do you think this is?In this case, whatever you decide to call it, we're still talking about a love triangle.I'm not stingy with my ratings and I'm perfectly willing to give 5 stars to a book just for its entertainment value. While this case would surely fit the bill in that respect, there are some serious BUTs.BUT #1: the abovementioned love triangle. I hate those.BUT #2: the "resolution" of the abovementioned love triangle. It takes just about a measly page by the end. I wanted to scream to the heroine: if it was that simple, why didn't you do it sooner?And then, more serious BUTs:BUT #3: this book is (supposedly) about the fae world. But we don't see an iota of it.BUT #4: what's so special about McKenzie? Aside from her ability to "shadow-read", I felt like there was nothing worthy of notice about her. Surely nothing that would explain why a super-hunky-swordsmaster would nurture tender feelings for her for ten years or why a super-hunky-rebel-honcho would have a case of insta-love.BTW: what kind of name is "McKenzie"? I'm not familiar with typical american names, but to me this looked like the author calling her heroine something surname-like to give her more kickass-ery and warrior-ish-ness.BUT #5: I had a hard time believing that the "shadow reader" business was something that actually worked. It's supposed to be like this:1. a fae teleports from a world to another;2. this leaves a sort of imprint of the fae's destination that only the heroine can see;3. she reads this imprint and sketches a map detailing where the fae has gone.Given that she doesn't know the toponyms of the fae world (in any case, she can't write fae language) and she can't reasonably have detailed topographical knowledge of it, I wonder how can she pull this off. It would be like playing a PICTIONARY where people have to guess specific locations of the world. Locations where the drawer has never even been. And it's said that she can have a precision of about 100ft. Can you believe it?BUT #6: the cover is misleading in the worst way.It reminds me of the Chicagoland series. And now that I think of it, also the surname-like name reminds me of the Chicagoland's heroine (Merit).