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Paranormalcy  - Kiersten White First of all, let me explain the cover: there's indeed a scene in wich Evelyn finds herself in a meadow by night, wearing her pink prom dress (hit the spoiler to read more She is at the prom with Lend wearing the aforementionend pink dress, when Reth crashes the party and whisks her away.He smiled, his teeth brilliant white in the darkness, and took several steps. I resisted, but he dragged me along, and then we were in a meadow that wasn’t really a meadow. The edges were hazy, indefinite, and the cheery yellow sky felt far too close.[...]He narrowed his eyes, angry. The sky twirled from yellow to nearly black, wind whipping my dress.And here you have the scene depicted.)It's not in the least representative of the novel, in wich meadows and prom dresses have no role. But it proves that the illustrator has actually read the book, so kudos to him/her.This book started badly, but picked up some pace past the first third.I can't stand the protagonist. She whines, she pouts, she has shallow aspirations and she's thinking nonsense all the time. And her tastes made my teeth ache.If you can get past that, it's an enjoyable reading even if it isn't going to make a lasting impression.