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Touch of Frost  - Jennifer Estep Everything that I've already said for the prequel still stands.And in this one we get a shitload of pumpkins, too.Seriously, I don't understand the pumpkins.I don't understand the fixation with the designer clothes, either. In every paragraph we are reminded that everyone in that school wears designer clothes. And that there are pumpkins.From now on, I'm going to cram pumpkins everywhere just to prove how annoying they are. Well, I suppose now it's time to say something review-like.Our heroine (pumpkin! ) has the gift of being able to tell the history of every object by touching it (that works even for pumpkins!).So this could have been a story telling how this girl became a stellar detective, who solved every case just by touching some odd scrap of evidence. It could even have been the story of this girl becoming a famous historian, who unveiled weird events about weirder artifacts by simply touching them. Or a Doctor House wearing a skirt, diagnosing unknown exotic diseas (or curing sick pumpkins).I could go on for hours, but the sad truth is that this novel is none of the above.The girl uses her gift to retrieve stuff for her schoolmates, in exchange of petty cash.Just sad, isn't it?Even the pumpkins are sad for that:So, this girl has this fantabulous gift. The author reminds us of it every single page, but sometimes the protagonist herself forgets (how could she! Call the avenging pumpkins!)My dad, Tyr, had died from cancer when I was two, and the only memories I had of him were the faded photos my mom had shown me.See? She FORGETS. She could just touch something and have full knowledge of everything concerning her father.This happens a lot, throughout the entire book.Bad editor, no cookie!But you can have a pumpkin, here it is: Our girl then goes to a special school for magical kids. Think of Hogwarts, but without the medioeval stuff and full of mythological nonsense.There she finds a lot of other magical kids who all have some special superpower and wear designer clothes. That second one is important to highlight again, you know.And there are pumpkin fudges, pumpkin rolls and other pumpkins.All very interesting.Do I have to go on?I think you can get the gist of it.There's some abs-staring and some oh-no-I-didnt-think-you-liked-me-even-though-you-tried-to-kiss-me. Quite uneventful. And boring. And don't forget the pumpkins.