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My Soul to Steal  - Rachel Vincent Review to come, when I'll have recovered all the sleep I lost to finish this °_°***Ok, here I am. Where to start?Let's begin with a graph describing my appreciation for the book as I was reading:Quite self-explanatory, I hope.I didn't like how Rachel Vincent played the rivalry between Kaylee and the ex girlfriend: I kept waiting for Kaylee to grow more spine/bitchiness/senseofreality and for Sabine to grow some selfrespect/sensibility. It never happened.If I was Kaylee, I would have dumped Nash on the spot and never looked back. There are some things that you can't either forget or forgive, and to go on on rotten basis is pointless. And he's recidive.What can I say, I'm just a bitch that way.The plot is much more about the relationship drama than it is about other (more interesting) things. While all the drama was a list of uninterrupted WTFery on my part, I enjoyed immensely the parts of the book that dealt with the paranormal aspects of Kaylee's life.The fact that I was so engrossed in the story to not pay attention to the writing style or other technical aspects speaks for itself: that's the main characteristic of good books.I'm looking forward to some explanations in the next installments: I want to know why Avari is so fixated on Kaylee and I definitely want to know what will come of Tod's agenda.EDIT:For those of you who are betting on who will finally be The Guy: my money is on Tod.In Reaper Tod saw Kaylee for the first time, months before Nash would begin to take interest in her, and was somewhat fascinated by her.In My Soul to Steal, there are several huge clues that point in his direction.In Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions, there is a short story from Sabine's POV, where she is shown a drawing, made by an oracle, who portraits Kaylee embracing a guy; that guy is not Nash. It's said only that "he has curly hair", but we can fairly guess that he can only be Tod.