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Bloodlines - Richelle Mead Review to come.We need something to prevent even good writers to describe people's eyes in improbable ways. I'll come up with something.Here it is:Ah, Richelle, you did a good job. Why did you have to hurt me in the end? Because you almost killed me with that "molten gold" eyes. You are forgiven just because you put it as something that Adrian said. But nonetheless, here is some molten gold:Eyes that color would be beyond creepy.Well, enough with my istrionics.As spin-offs go, I found this to be a good one. I didn't remember much about the Vampire Academy series and I was able to dive into Bloodlines quite lucidly. So the fact that Sydney was not as kick-ass as Rose didn't bother me. Nor did the inconsistencies in Eddie and Adrian's behavior that many GR users pointed out in their reviews.The plot was good, even if a little predictable. The main fault was the exasperated presence of Jill. She was everywhere. Sometimes, it looked as the book was more about her than about Sydney.Jill is delicate, whiny and weak, and everyone around her hop every kind of circle to keep her happy and sheltered. Annoying.There wasn't a spoon of romance in this book. Not even a little kiss (well, maybe there was a peck on the cheek). Just a scene between Sydney and Adrian by the end of the book (in which we are treated with the aforementioned "molten gold"). Romance seekers will be disappointed, but I didn't really mind: there were plenty of other things to keep me entertained.