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The Faerie Ring  - Kiki Hamilton Historical fiction is not usually my cup of tea (no real motive behind that), but I enjoyed the historical tidbits sprinkled here and there.This has been a quick read, with a light prose and a plot that advanced at a steady pace, without the ever-so-annoying useless detours and lenghty descriptions.This is proof that you can actually write a nice book without anything new or particularly original. Every element was something already known, from the golden ring with misterious inscriptions that can compel people to look at it, to the boyish female character who turns out to be a beautiful girl when polished.The faerie aspects of the story are treated with the right amounts of initial disbelief and increasing understanding, so nothing feels just thrown on your face (or the character's). There's a little slowdown around 2/3 of the novel and the ending felt somewhat rushed: that's why I knocked down a star in my rating.