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If I Die  - Rachel Vincent Here. Now I'm an emotional and teary wreck and I'm supposed to go out.Review to come (when I'll recover).As promised, here I am.Do you know about the bet I made while reading the previous installments of this series? Well, I won. Let me gloat a bit.For those of you who are familiar with these books: this last one will blow you away. It will make you cry, scream in fury, put your hands on your heart to keep it still, cry some more, laugh and have some major “aw!” moments.If your are not familiar with this series... well, after reading all that, what are you waiting for!?Rachel Vincent writes flawlessly. Admittedly, I was so engrossed in the story that I wouldn't have noticed a glittered rhinoceros climbing on a wall, to later point out in my review “hey, rhinoceroses can't climb, do your research!”. But everything she wrote here is extraordinarily realistic. I hate it when authors feel entitled to skip even the most basical laws of physics just because they are writing fantasy (do you know what I mean?). Rachel Vincent has never made the mistake and I appreciate her immensely for that.The plot is well paced and starts with a bang, without giving you time to subside the tension you can have accumulated with the previous facts. Everytime you think things are somewhat settled down, something new will come up and you'll find yourself holding your breath again.The characters are consistent and well described. And I don't mean physically well described; I could give a damn about eye color or hairdos, if these things are not pivotal to the story. I mean “well described” as in “you will know about their strenghts and their weaknesses and you'll become familiar with their beahvioral patterns, to the point that you will start to try to guess what they are thinking and how will they react”. And nonetheless, you will be surprised at what they do.Are you still here? Go read this book, now!