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River Marked - Patricia Briggs I'm so disappointed. I rated this two stars, and the second one is just for mercy (no pun intended).The previous books in this series are all four/five-stars-worthy, but this one is a tremendous downfall.Seems to me that, when she started to write, the author didn't have a clear idea about the development of the plot and decided to make it up as she went.She picked some threads and then let them go without tying the knots.In the previous installments, we enjoyed carefully woven stories mixing vampires, fae and werevolves, but in this one the first two ingredients of the mix are almost nonexistent. For example, we meet a troubled vampire friend (Stefan) in the first chapters but he disappears almost immediately and the solution of his issues comes just in the last few pages and is an insubstiantial one. The fae appear here and then, but their contribute to the events is too marginal, considering that the foe is fae (ehm...). The werevolves are represented only by Adam, Mercy's husband, and he acts more like a sidekick that a true co-protagonist.The tale revolves around some indian folklore that requires a visit to a museum, new friends lacking in the action-department and lots of boring explanations that most of the time don't even make sense. Let's not get into the matter about the indian god that is almost-Mercy's-father-but-not-quite.I hope that in the next books Patricia will redeem herself, but it's going to be hard work.