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Sirensong  - Jenna Black I gave this book five four stars, so clearly I liked it. But that's not going to mean I don't have a few itches to scratch.About the Erlking:Let's summarize: gorgeous guy, apparently all-powerful, extraordinarily cunning, lover of a beautiful queen (and who know how many other women). Always showing some kind of interest for our heroine.Sure. Why not. That's just entirely believable (not).About Henry:First of all, Henry is just too obvious. He isn't liked by anyone and from the start he gave off a distinct bad-guy vibe.And what do you know, in the end he is the bad guy. Duh.About Keane:In just a few dozens pages he switches affections from Dana to Kimber. This is not consistent with his character as previously described. Fickle, fickle guy.Looks like the author found herself in an impasse and didn't know how to come aut of it. So she decided to dispatch the overabundant guy to the remaining girl. Is it just me or does this solution lack a little finesse?