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First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson, #1) - Darynda Jones What a cute, silly book... I laughed my teeth off while reading it!The Clockwork Prince, which I read just some days ago, had a quote in the very beginning of each chapter: I was so annoyed by that! I don't have the same scholastic background of the average english or american reader, and thus the poetry didn't make any sense and the scraps of english classics were meaningless for me (hey non-english people of GR, did you feel the same or was it just me?). First Grave on the Right has some little epigraphs too, but what a difference! These are enjoyable bits of humor taken from sassy t-shirts and bumper stickers and I loved them.The plot gives little to write home about, but the characterization definitely makes up for that. And Charley, the main character, is really something. Her attitude and her down-to-earth thoughts and behavior reminded me a bit of Stephanie Plum and Betsy the vampire queen, but without the dumb and fashion-victim sides.