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Shadow Heir (Dark Swan, #4) - Richelle Mead Have I ever said how much I hate love triangles? What are you saying? Just 187 times this month? Well, maybe I have to say it some more and other people should join the chorus, so maybe authors will stop to use them as a cheap mean to create tension in their books.Richelle Mead puts a love triangle in everything she writes, and I cannot begin to say how annoyed I am by that. Considering also that, at their heart, her novels are built upon good ideas. And so I keep on reading them and keep on being annoyed.This is supposed to be the end of the Dark Swan series. It's just that the ending is so lame that it doesn't feel actually like one. I'm not going to spoiler anything.Throughout all four books, there is the threat of an oncoming dire prophecy that would befall Eugenie's son. You would think that's a main issue. I surely did. Well, it's dealt with something along the lines of "oh sorry, just kidding". Seriously, WTF.Eugenie has an epiphany and finally the wretched love triangle is solved. But then she makes some decisions (or indecisions?) that made me question even that.I wanted to rip this book to pieces.But I didn't.Mainly because it's a digital book, and thus somewhat difficult to rip.But also because there were parts that I liked.First of all, the side characters. Dorian is, by far, the best character of this entire series. And in this novel he plays a huge role.The foe in this book is a good one and I liked that the conflict between good and evil is played also on the strategy plane.The author dusted off an old theme of the fantasy literature (I would say THE fantasy theme): the long journey to reach a mystical object/place that's supposed to resolve some problem and/or defeat the enemy.I liked this little reminder of classic fantasy novels.