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Hallowed  - Cynthia Hand Even if I still like this series and I'm definitely going to keep on reading it, I liked this second installment way less than its precedessor, Unearthly.First of all, the love triangle trope (on which I won't dwell on).Second, the underdevelopement of the main concept behind the entire plot: in this case, everything is built around this mysterious purpose. We don't know much about it because it's not really explained. We just know that it's supposed to be some important and meaningful goal that drives every action of an angel blood.Well, it looks like Clara's purpose is just to hook up with some guy (namely, Christian). Like her mother's purpose was, well, to be her mother. I hope to be wrong in my interpretation: otherwise, how much more underwhelming can that be!?Another wrong button for me is that of the fated-to-be outcomes. I don't know if this is going to be the case, but everything in this book is pointing in the direction of a predestined kind of ending. I hope to be wrong again.I wish this book was 50% longer.I would have liked to know what was Jeffrey's deal (and why didn't anyone pay attention to him? Why Clara has always been clearly more special?).On a side note: the vision of the afterlife here is very tame, a walk-in-the-light kind of thing. I usually prefer something stronger, like in Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series or, remaining in the YA genre, something along the lines of Philip Pullman's Dark materials series. But that's just a matter of personal tastes.