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Angels' Blood  - Nalini Singh An acquaintance praised this book so much that I, ever the trustful fool, decided to pick it up and give it a try.Note to self: never, ever follow tips given by peopole whose tastes I don't know much about.Sure, the fact that she slobbered over Twilight should have been a clue about how reliable her judgment on books can be (for me).I couldn't force myself to go further than page 50, it was that painful.Ok, out with it: Elena is a dimwit.She sees Raphael and every braincell she has (have she ever had some?) takes a dive to her panties. And then we are treated with cheesy physical descriptions like:Bitten).Raphael. Where to begin with him?Well, that question would be easier if there was actually something to begin with. But this character is insubstantial and just plain improbable. He's supposed to be a 500 years old, all-powerful angel, but he needs a dumbass chick to get a simple job done and he is "fascinated" be her. FASCINATED. By someone whose brain has the dimension and the functionality of a pea. Oh, Nalini, have mercy on me.