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The Body Finder  - Kimberly Derting I'm not new to te concept of “people capable of finding bodies” (I liked Charlaine Harris' Grave Sight well enough) and I don't think that ideas already used by other authors can't lead to new and original stories. So I picked up this.I tried. I really did. But I gave up pretty soon.And here's why.This book read like a grocery list. Each sentence is disjointed from the others; you could add bullet points and have a nice and tidy list of actions and thoughts that look like this:Violet had practically been raised in this forest.She ignored her father’s warning.She heard her father gasp.Violet looked at Jay.Se had butterflies in her stomach.Two tomatoes.A gallon of milk.Do you see what I mean?Moreover, after thirty pages of “butterflies in the stomach”, palpitations and other stuff like that, I was starting to get sick.