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Blue-Blooded Vamp - Jaye Wells Fans of Sabina Kane all over the world will go nuts over this book!Everything is nicely wrapped up, so this feels like an actual end to the series (do you hear me, Richelle Mead?). I wasn't entirely satisfied with the Mac/Georgia thing and I felt that Mac's decisions should have had more explanation, but maybe that's just me.As for myself, let's say I didn't go nuts all-the-way. Just moderately nuts.Because, while Jaye Wells can make me laugh out of my socks, in this book there were some flaws; I'm used to her five-star books and this one didn't reach perfection.First: the bad Italianism.Seriously. Our reputation is down the gutter as it is, don't add to it.And on that note: come on, didn't anyone point out that the dialogues in italian were a grammatical nightmare before the thing got published!?Second: a journey in hell with trials to go through? Where have I already read that?Third: Cain is such a lame foe.Third-and-half: I would have kicked Valva away, god's daughter or not.Well, these things apart, I really enjoyed the book. And I'm looking forward to read anything Jaye Wells is going to write in the future.