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The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins After reading this book, I'm sorry to have kept it on hold for so long. You see, I was put off by the trainwreck that has been Girl in the Arena (see my review), which is said to be largely based on The Hunger Games.I'm happy to say that The Hunger Games is much, much better. Incommensurably so.It's unusual for me to enjoy so much a book with so few spoken parts, but I did: ah, the miracle of good writing and editing!No delays in the plot, no infodumps, no useless descriptions, no wasted words. Almost everything is shown and not told. Suzanne, you rock!There were some little things that bugged me, but the plot was so engrossing that I didn't feel like stopping to read to bitch about them like I usually do which, of course, I never do.For example, I didn't understand what constituted the limits of the arena, and how those limits were enforced. As I said, little things.So. I'm going to read the next books.I just hope that they won't be about the love triangle Peeta-Katniss-Gale.