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Angelfall  - Susan Ee How can I even begin to describe the awesomeness of this book?It's wonderful. As intense as The Hunger Games and as heart wrenching as Daughter of Smoke and Bone.I'm a sucker for strong and proud heroines who grit their teeth and keep on fighting even in the face of terrible odds against them: Penryn is a fantastic heroine. If you've read The Hunger Games, you surely will recognize some Katniss in her.The male character is not as well defined, but that's consistent with the mystery surrounding the angels, their motives and their dynamics as presented in the rest of the novel (I hope that everything that hasn't been already unraveled by the end will be clarified in the very next book).The side characters reminded me again of The Hunger Games, what with the absent mother and the needy little sister, but the author spins this scheme to unexpected results I was particularly thrown off by the "transformation" that the sister underwent, and I'm madly curious to see what will be its consequences.The world building doesn't seem to take much to be fully described: everything is cleverly shown and after just few pages the reader is already perfectly aware of the setting. That's a neat trick that I'm sure cost a lot of refining and editing.All in all, a truly spectacular debut.Susan Ee, I'm putting your name in my golden list, so be warned: I'm watching you.