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Supernaturally  - Kiersten White Meh. The first book of this series was not so bad but not exceptional either; this second one is more of the same.I still can't stand Evie. She's whiny and pouty. She has no will of her own and is constantly dragged along by others, both metaphorically and physically. Her tastes and her speech patterns are supposed to be cute and endearing, but all they ispired to me was annoyance.While White's alternate world is interesting enough and the premises are good, there is a sense of incompleteness in the end. Maybe that's because the villain-behind-the-scenes is easily identifiable from the start (being the only new character is quite the giveaway), or because the conclusion is very brief, compared to the duration of the buildup.Bottom line is: if you have to spend money on this, don't; if you stumble upon it in the library or if you can borrow it from a friend, no harm done.