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Shiver  - Maggie Stiefvater What I couldn't get in this whole series: #1How can the "wolf smell" be considered a good thing?We are basically talking about wet dog here. And that's so gross I totally fail to understand what positive side there can be in it. Nonetheless, the author goes on and on about how delicius the wolf smell is. Ugh.#2I don't know about you, but falling in love with an animal sounds weird to me.I love my pets, but I wouldn't be romantically attracted to them.I can get falling in love with a guy who occasionally turns wolf, but I can't get falling in love with a wolf and then (surprise!) finding out that he is actually a guy.Well, with those little bits out of the way, we can say something about the books themselves (I have to say something at least vaguely review-like, or you could think I just spit out whatever comes to my mind about a book (which is what I usually end up doing anyway)).There are some good and original ideas behind this story. I expecially liked the werewolves changing not on a whim but depending on the temperature. That's an idea that can lead to interesting plot developments. And it sort of did.But.Everything is drowned in way too much romance for my tastes.I guess that teenage readers (to whom this book is written, anyway) will dig this kind of heavy sweetness. But I had to check for cavitis afterwards.Some characters are so hyperbolic they become caricatures. The absentee parents, the artist-y mother, the bitchy friend (Isabel).Grace herself, so perfect and irreproachable, and Sam, so mature beyond his years. Sometimes I wanted to smack them both just for their perfectishness (yes, that's a word).I read the whole series because I already had the books on hand, but I don't think I would have bothered otherwise.In my rating, I usually stick with the rules of GR.In this case, GR asked me:Were these books ok (2)? Yes.Did you like them (3)? Yes.Did you really like them (4)? Well, let's say I liked them well enough; I didn't do cartwheels after reading them (that would mean 5 stars, btw).And there you have it.