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Shaedes of Gray (Shaede Assassin #1) - Amanda Bonilla Just for fun, let’s make a list of ten cliché used in this book, shall we?(There are many more than ten, but I had to limit myself somehow.)1. The tough female assassin who thinks of herself as unemotional and cold-blooded.She’s so badass, she just has to say it over and over throughout the whole book.2. The tough, beautiful female assassin.Of course she is beautiful, how can it be any different? And how can’t it be monumentally important what she looks like?She describes herself as utterly irresistible, with trite expressions such as porcelain skin, glossy hair, pouty mouth blah blah blah. Not interesting. Not endearing. Utterly detestable.3. The fixation with the outfits, and the lots of leather and black.This, I’m never going to understand.I guess that someone thinks that you are more of a badass if you wear badass clothes.4. Nonexistent female characters other than the heroine.And if other girls are factored in the story, they are ugly, whiny, mean, ridiculus or all of the above.We don’t want competition, do we?5. The ever-so-annoying love triangle.Given that the bad guy is also after our heroine, I guess that we could even call it a love square.Seriously, guys-of-this-book: let me tell you, she’s nothing to write home about.6. Weird prophecies.We can’t really live without those.7. A freakin’ katana.Because really, any other weapon won’t do.8. The heroine becomes the badassest badass of the block.Even if her “training” is just a glitch if compared with the centuries-long experience of her trainer and almost everyone else in the book.She’s just a badass by nature.9. The king falls for the paesant.Because he has no other options, apparently.10. The BFF has always been madly in love with her.11. The heroine becomes the über-badass, with incredible superpowers and total immunity to every whatever you can imagine.Because she can’t really remain the same detestable bitch that we all grew to love. She has to be something speshul.Oh, but I said ten points.Oh, well. So I’m finished here.