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Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi I have to accept it: alternate realties are not my thing. I keep on poking them looking for flaws, and I always find them full of holes.In this book, I found faults in the technology (Smarteyes just can't work like that), in the settings (Realms are just rooms for RPG), in the scenery (WTH is this aether stuff!?) and pretty much in everything else.Even the romance between the characters felt a bit off. Here's a summarization of it:Perry: "You are a mole and you smell bad, I just hate you!"Aria: "You are ugly and so different from me, I can't even bear to look at you!"...Perry: "What is it?"Aria: "I'm bleeding, I'm gonna die! Goodbye cruel world!"Perry: "It's just your period. And… wow, it smells like violets!"BAM!Happily ever after, with marriage-like bond on top.On a sidenote: you know, here in Italy we have a famous perfume that's called "parmesan violet":It was my grandma's favorite. For me, violets are always going to be "eau du granny".