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Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet, #1) - R.J. Anderson I'm talking about this book here on my blog (in italian).-----Oh, this has been a weird read.It started off with the main character institutionalized for (allegedly) having killed a schoolmate.We can't even begin to guess if she is innocent or guilty, sane or insane: we see the world through her perceptions and her feelings and, let me tell you, it's quite a trip! You can't distinguish what's the truth from what could be a fabrication, and that's going to keep you glued to the pages until, finally, you get some disclosure.That "point of disclosure" was were the book got a little nuts and plunged in its Area 51. And my rating lost a star.It's a novelty for me, but in this case I enjoyed the "mundane" parts of the plot way more than its paranormal ones.Two movies, both dealing with the subject of mental illness, kept popping up in my mind: A Beautiful Mind and Sucker Punch. The first is something fascinating, complex and heart-wrenching; the second is so out there that you don't know if it's a tragedy or a parody.Think of this book as a wonderful Beautiful Mind that just couldn't help itself but sucker punch you a little.