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Spirit  - Brigid Kemmerer It took me some time to warm up to this series. In the first installments, it looked as if the author didn't know exactly where she was going beyond pairing up two characters at a time. After reading [b:Spirit|17835775|Spirit (Elemental, #3)|Brigid Kemmerer|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1366578662s/17835775.jpg|19036077], I'm glad I made the effort of trudging along. Now finally you begin to grasp a plotline that goes beyond the single book.For me, that's a major good thing: getting you to wonder what's next is one of the core reasons you read a series, after all.If you're familiar with the Merrick brothers, I'm sure you're interested to know more about the only outsider there. I know I was.Since his first apparition, Hunter had me intrigued. First, because he was way too well fleshed to be just "the boy who's obviously going to get discarded"; and second, because he's always had a bit of a bad boy vibe about him, and I'm always a goner for that.As usual, I'm not going to sum the story: everything you need to know beforehand has already been said in the synopsis. I'll just add that you're in for a rougher ride with this one. Not just because Hunter is a troubled guy with some heavy baggage to deal with, but because the events sometimes got worse turns than expected. Hunter is also more complex than the Merricks you've already read about (I'm intentionally leaving out Nick), what with his mixed feelings, trust issues and misplaced loyalties. All of which taken care of throughout the book, don’t you worry.Just because I’m an insufferable tease, I’m going to leave you with some cryptic statements that will get you intrigued:#1: I was surprised about the meaning of his tattoo, I was expecting something else. (Keep on reading, it gets revealed only in the very last pages.)#2: I hope we’ve not seen the last of Silver.#3: I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of someone else.#4: I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of someone else again: bad guys are hard to get rid of, but bad girls… they’re harder still, especially those with flaming tattoos.