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Gameboard of the Gods  - Richelle Mead I'm talking about this book here on my blog (in italian). -----I know about utopias and I know about dystopias. What I don’t know is what to call a futuristic scenario that’s not ideal but not so bad either (different funny names come to mind).In this book, there are two major political entities: RUNA (Republic of United North America) and EA (Eastern Alliance, not Electronic Arts). If I’ve understood correctly, these are supposed to be the future North America and Asia. Europe is defined as “a mess” and europeans are thought to wear fur and feathers. This kind of hurts my fashion sense, but I won’t deny that it got a little bitter laugh out of me.As far as worldbuildings go, this is a bit sketchy in geopolitical terms. But that isn’t what this book is all about, so it doesn’t really matter.In this futuristic world, people are valued for their genetic makeup and everything about their lives is computerized, scanned and controlled. The government keep tight reins on spiritual beliefs and religious practices.Someone is killing people and the case is hard to break. Justin, one of our main characters, is called back from his exile to investigate. Mae is a genetically perfect elite soldier who, as a punishment for misconduct, is assigned to him as bodyguard. The two of them had a one night stand, and when they met in official capacity things soon get awkward.You can guess: the actual investigation gets very little attention in comparison to that. Our heroes get plunged in a whirlwind of adventures and emotional drama, and any sleuthing takes a backseat.Richelle Mead can bring to life the same characters over and over again, and I keep on loving them. If you’ve already read the Vampire Academy series or the Dark Swan series, you’re going to recognize the Adrian/Dorian/Justin type: the guy who’s an addict and a womanizer, but a genius under all those layers of jadedness and disillusionment. If I were you, I’d read this book just to meet him.Mae is a sort of Rose 2.0, the kickass heroine that’s always going to save the day.Many similarities with previous characters can be found throughout the whole cast, but I’m not going to spoil your fun and bring them out here. Just rest assured that, if you liked Richelle Mead’s previous books, I can almost guarantee that you’re going to like this one too. I know I did.