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Untraceable  - S.R. Johannes What a cute little book!No. Wait. It's actually 312 pages.Uhm… 312 pages on an ADE reader means, in technical and specific terms, "pretty long book".But, if you don't see the deceitful little numbers on the bottom, you wouldn't believe it: the pages just fly away in a handful of hours.Grace is an independent, strong, head-on-her-shoulders kind of girl. She stands up for herself, she never gives up and, if she thinks something's the right thing to do, she does it. Even if it's dangerous, if her mother doesn't support her, and the authorities laugh at her: this girl needs a hug!Fortunately, looks like someone is willing to give one to her, and maybe even a little more than just a hug (hee hee!).Aside from what you get from the synopsis, Grace's story weaves together some other threads. I'd like to point out one in particular, using the author's words:With this book, I hope to create awareness around bear poaching as well as have a small part in helping to close the horrible bear pits in North Carolina and free the bears that are abused daily.Mission: accomplished. I even hate zoos, so you can understand how appalled I am about something as horrible as these "bear pits for tourists". In the scale of "bad things that people can do to plague the world", it's less horrible than most other things (some even mentioned in this book), but it struck me because I didn't know about it. And really, talking about "more horrible" or "less horrible" is just silly, horribleness don't have to be measured.The novel ends on a cliff, but we can glimpse an interesting future for Grace. The second book is already out, so now I'm heading to discover if what I foresaw is going to come true.