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White Cat  - Holly Black Pretty bookquote:Visit my board on Pinterest or my blog for more.----------EDIT: after reading the complete series, I changed my mind about the rating. If you read all the three books, things make definitely more sense.FOUR DAYS. It took me four days to finish this.And now GR is asking me: well, what do you think of it?I can't give a straight answer.For the first 2/3 of the book, I couldn't bring myself to like a single character. Cassel's brothers are not very pleasant; his mother is a manipulative, spoiled bitch; his grandad is as useless as they come, always assigning inconsequential chores and never giving some advice or help.Everyone is a liar and a cheat.It's not that I want to read only about hearts and rainbows, but I couldn't relate with anyone there.It was only on the last third that this book finally caught me. And now I want to know what happens next in the series, even if this first installment didn't rock my world.