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Etiquette & Espionage  - Gail Carriger Now I need a book about possessed unicorns, poisonous bunnies and violet bananas, because I have to read something that can get me out of this state of utter boredom.The main fault of this book is the inexplicable absence of a plot: I kept on wishing something would happen, but nothing really did (at least not until 38% of the book, when I finally had enough). It was just a never-ending list of mechanical parts, dirigibles, bonnets and petticoats.I had great expectations of epic escapes on dirigibles, teenager girls engaged in undercover operations, funny scenes when said girls find themselves in impossible situations. None of that in this book.Well, to be honest, I got the dirigible.What I got were your ordinary brat-girl, some scenes meant to be funny (but I never had even a close-lipped smile) and your standard school-themed menu items, flavored with some cogs and gears.Sorry to see another beautiful cover go to waste.