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Her Ladyship's Curse - Lynn Viehl This is the first book of a duology but, if you ask me, I'd say this is actually one-half of a book.There's a huge difference between being one-half of a duology and one-half of a book.I liked the story and the characters well enough, hence the 3-stars rating. But there were too many useless parts (like lengthy descriptions of places and things, backgrounds of secondary characters) that felt like being put there just to bloat the book's words count. If you cut those parts out, you get the length of the average novella.But it's not only about the length.It won't be a spoiler if I say that the mystery doesn't even get "properly" solved in the end (yet another reason why this felt incomplete). And the love interest makes just a fleeting appearance throughout the whole book when… BAM! In the end, sudden fireworks.Not surprisingly, the book ends on a cliff.Bottom line: a nice almost-book, but ten kinds of awkward.It's going to be sold for just $2.99 and the publication of the sequel will be just two months apart, so hopefully it's not going to be as awkward as I believe: you just have to wait until the entire "trilogy" is out and then get the whole book :)