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Changeling Moon (Changeling Series #1) - Dani Harper Here on Goodreads I've found only positive reviews, so I suppose it's up to me to correct the misconception that this is a good book.The story begins with a prologue containing some useless stuff written from the POV of the werewolf bad guy; in the first chapter, Zoey is attacked by said bad guy. In defending herself, she manifests some grit that's going to be drowned in tons of fluff and giggles in the rest of the book and will never come on the surface again. Connor, our hero, comes to save the damsel in distress, and the author makes a big production out of a little wound: the damsel swoons, passes out and suffers of hypothermia (all for a stupid dog bite on a calf, what a feat!). But our hero saves the day and in the meantime he realizes also that he's already halfway in love with this unconscious woman, with whom he has not even exchanged a word.Here I was ready to throw the book away. I don't know why I didn't.Nothing relevant happens between this episode and the final scenes.There is no plot to speak about. Just a couple of uninteresting events that have been impossibly stretched to fill out pages: the introduction of Connor's friends and relatives, some interaction with the locals, the arrival in town of bad guy #2, some lore about werewolves here and there.Boring, boring, boring.Someone here said that “there's mystery in this book”: please, point it out to me, because I've found none.Zoey is supposed to have psychic abilities, but they are lost in the emptiness of her cranium and don't play a foremost role in the story.Her spoken pieces are mortifying in their stupidity. For the most part, they are along the lines of:“What a cute puppy!”“Oh, your house is gorgeous!”“Let's pet some dog/cat/cow/moose/pig, they are so pretty!”I have no further comments to make on this, it's too disheartening.The author's habit of continuously referring to Connor as “the tall vet” is disturbing.“The tall vet did this” or “the tall vet thought that”: is it just me or is this a truly horrific writing style?Let's now get physical.We have already established that Connor is tall (and he's a vet, a “tall vet”!), in case you've forgotten. Zoey has “russet hair”. Her hair is actually mentioned more times than her supposed psychic gifts. She has also “amber eyes”. You have to forgive me if I rant a bit about this, but I have a thing against authors that come up with absurd (but nonetheless trite) physical descriptions to make their characters appealing. So. This is amber: It's yellow. Have you ever seen eyes this color? If so, please give me a call, because I never did.Let's get more physical.The sex scenes lack in credibility. Oh, scratch that, they are just crap. Here's an example chosen at random:She did cry out as he kissed her right leg, above and below the bandages, but it certainly wasn’t from pain. Eventually he lapped up the little droplet of moisture on her inner thigh, and the ones that had followed it. Closer, closer.… His hot mouth kissed its way over her cheeks, adding soft gentle bites. She was shaking, she couldn’t help it, and she was on the verge of begging when his big hands suddenly parted her and his hot wet tongue slicked over her in one long stroke from clit to tailbone.The orgasm slammed into her with all the force of a tsunami [...]I'm sorry honey, but that's not how it works. Some leg fondling and a lick are not going to make it, no matter how skilled you think you are.If you don't give me a solid plot, at least give me some good sex scenes!I feel like I got nothing for the money I've spent.Don't be fooled by the cover and if you ever feel the urge to buy this book, just bang your head on something hard a couple of times, you'll save yourself a lot of further pain.EDIT 29/9/2011Here's a graphic aid to help you understand my idiosyncrasy for weird eye colors:(Am I not a badass graphic designer? :D )