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The Sea Of Tranquility - Katja Millay I'm not that stingy with my 5-stars ratings. The fact is, this year it seems I'm not having much luck with my readings: this is just my third (maybe fourth) 5-stars book.This book is not perfect. And it seriously lacks some good editing.Josh Bennett laughs and its one of the most natural, uninhibited, beautiful sounds I’ve ever heard.You’re lack of faith is insulting.See what I mean?But.It's been a page turner.Nastya's mystery got my eyes glued to the pages.The romance is unconventional, it built slowly and was unbearably sweet.The secondary characters are all well fleshed out.The pace is constant and there are no dull moments.So: definitely recommended.(Do you hear me, guys at Netgalley? It's not my fault I keep giving you bad feedbacks, you're always denying my requests for the good stuff. Grrr.)