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Escaping Reality - Lisa Renee Jones I sympathize with indie authors and I try to be gentle with the galleys I'm given so kindly. But I'm appalled by this book: it's dysfunctional, it's sick and, most of all, it's so dumb it hurts.Be warned that I read only 48% of it, so this review doesn't take into account all the wonderful and interesting things that I'm sure will happen in the second half. Amy is a girl threatened by a mysterious menace. Her life is dictated by an unknown handler, who settles her in an apartment, gives her money and provides her with a job. And she finds nothing wrong with all that. Of course, being a dimwit, she enjoys being "handled" just fine.She's like a brainless switch: she can be either scared or sexually aroused. She's a literal "two-dimensional" character.Enters Liam Stone, your stereotypical male protagonist of romance novels. He's terribly handsome, he's (supposedly) a genius, he has a stellar career (but apparently his success doesn't need actual working time to be accomplished), he's filthy rich and, of course, he's instantly smitten silly by the dimwit.Of course, she's first scared by him, then sexually aroused by him, then scared again, then aroused, then scared, and so on. A brainless switch.Their relationship starts off with a couple of heated stares, an inane chat on an airplane, and then BANG! Sex in her new apartment and "you-are-mine-forevah-and-evah-and-I'll-always-take-care-of-you". Seriously.Apparently, he is a controlling kind of guy, and she enjoys being told what to do, what to think and how to behave. That scares her. But then it arouses her. And she's scared, aroused, scared, scared, aroused… on, off, on, off.The easy way he assumes control of my tiniest actions […] should bother me. For reasons I don’t have time to analyze, it only makes him more tantalizingly male.Girl, it's not that you don't have the time, you don't have a brain. Get real.Follow some instances of "oh, I can't accept that you are so rich (but I enjoy the hell out of your leather seats, your branded gifts and other crap)!". And then some instances of "I'm so dominant and sexy, no female being can resist me".[…] as a man I’ve been taught that a woman never means ‘fine’ when she says ‘fine’Gods! I'd carve out your nuts for a statement like that!But the dimwit is just slightly scared, and then, aroused.Enters a gorgeous neighbour, a rough guy opposed to the refined Liam.And guess what? He's immediately interested in our dear dimwit.And guess again? She's scared by him. But aroused, too.What with the mysterious menace? We don't know what that is but, you know, it scares her!I think I lost half my brain cells reading this crap.As if that was not enough, this book has gifted me with precious pearls of ignorance.I graduated in architecture, and I know for a fact that no one can single-handedly design a skyscraper or a huge building complex.The designing process doesn't work as clumsily described in this book: there's no "genius" who brings a sketch of his dream-building to a meeting and then everyone say "ok, let's build it".And then, dulcis in fundo, some mangled italian stuff! Because how could an awful book like this one miss my favorite pet peeve? It can't!“There’s a great Italian place next to the hotel, if you like Italian?” […]“I’m a pasta addict.” I’m about to add “mostly Ramen noodles”So: let me say that pasta is a popular italian dish and ramen noodles… ARE SO NOT.