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Envy  - J.R. Ward This is not a review.It's just a funny anecdote.-----In this series (in all of [a:Ward|20248|J.R. Ward|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1355342653p2/20248.jpg]'s books, actually), there's a lot of "unusual" stuff going on about sexuality and sexual behaviors.Adrian felt the first stirring in his cock, but it wasn’t sexual. It was anger toward the enemy. Man, he was never aroused by her the proper way, but she did make him hard.When I read this paragraph, I was honestly baffled: I'm over 30 years old and until now I haven't known that you can get an erection by being angry or otherwise distressed. Is it just another fictional bit or is it really possible?I googled, I browsed and I clicked around.But, ultimately, I came down with a simple conclusion: if you have questions about erections, you better ask someone who actually has a penis.So I consulted my boyfriend.He was minding his own business when I sneaked up on him and popped the question."Hey A., can you really get it up by being angry or feeling violent toward someone?" Smooth, that's me.He put down the iPad and looked at me with an Oscar-worthy poker face. "Are you suggesting something new? Because I rather like the ways we usually do things.""Er… no, I'm not really planning to get you riled up anytime soon. I don't even think I can actually pull it off." I think a bit about it, because to shake his cool would take a considerable amount of effort on my part, but it could be fun. "Can I?""Maybe if you were my mother.""Definitely not going THERE."He nods and resumes whatever he was doing.I didn't get my answer, did I."So? Hypothetically speaking, can a man get an erection from anger?"He lowers again the iPad and seems genuinely astonished by my line of questioning. "There are people who get off on being beaten up or tied down or walked upon. People are in all kinds of weird shit."I guess that does answer it.