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Finding Home - Lauren K. McKellar Before readingJust got this from Netgalley, and I'm so happy!Aren't you excited when you get to read something written by a debut author? Well, I am! And I'm madly curious about this one.After readingThere are YA books that are actually written with young adults in mind, and this is one of those. That's not to say that it lacks depth or is not "mature" enough, but that it clearly has an educational mission, and some messages to deliver.Amy, the MC, is a teenager troubled by what she perceives as parental inadequacy. In typical teenagey fashion, she reacts by putting blame where it doesn't belong, being spiteful with her family, and making rash (and incredibly stupid) decisions.Amy has a lot of growing-up to do. And, gradually, she does it.She responsibly handles the consequences of unprotected sex (and that's an underhanded to-do list). She gains awareness of the problem of alcohol abuse (first by recognizing it in others, then in herself). She learns to deal with all the emotional turmoil of her relationships.You won't believe how much this character can mature in so few pages.I would definitely recommend this to most young readers out there.