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Water (Akasha #1) - Terra Harmony I reached about 20% of the book and I can't go on.I can't stand the main character.She purposefully buys an oversized dress once a year just to get touched by a seamstress. How sick is that!?You know, there are a lot of people with bigger problems than "needing human touch". And, incidentally, you could get out of your head and help them by doing volunteer work. I'm just saying, eh.She gets kidnapped because she has mad powers that she has to learn to control. Her lack of control, in fact, got her parents killed. At this point, a normal person would be sad, surprised, overwhelmed by guilt, curious… instead, she throws a bratty temper tantrum.And what can the guy do to solve the situation? Kiss her passionately, of course.Me? I would just have smacked her on the head with something heavy.I consider myself very environmentally aware: I recycle, I use my bicycle and public transportation, I prefer to eat organic food, I like to buy reusable, not disposable, stuff. That being said, eco-defenders are not for me. Going to recycle this book :)